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I’m launching a new Podcast designed especially for business owners who sell their expertise as a service, and I want you to be part of its creation.

Have you ever wondered why some solo-entrepreneurs seem to effortlessly attract their ideal clients, while others struggle to make even the slightest ripple in the market?

What if the secret wasn’t working harder, but about magnetising your expertise in a way that makes you an undeniable choice for those you’re meant to serve? 


It’s time to find out!

This podcast is for Expert Entrepreneurs

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Be part of the content creation by letting us know your pressing questions so we can source the answers and create timely Podcast episodes just for you

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Receive exclusive invites to new series launches and attend Live Recordings with our specials guests giving you the chance to ask your questions

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As a ‘Thank you’ for being part of our launch, you’ll receive special launch bonuses from us as well as from guest speakers


Naomi-Rose Everly

My aim with this podcast is to create a no-nonsense safe place for expert entrepreneurs to glean the insights and distinctions they need to build a thriving business and get paid for the value they create.

If you’ve ever listened to or attended a live recording with me then you’ll know how much value I pack in and the practical insights I provide. Though I won’t be doing it alone. I intend, with your help, to be interviewing a panel of great guest speakers.