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Welcome to ‘Magnetise Your Expertise,’ the podcast where solo-entrepreneurs learn to shine and attract their ideal clients with ease.

Host Naomi-Rose Everly brings you a treasure trove of insights from her 18 years of experience, guiding you through the nuances of building a personal brand and business that stands out.

This podcast cuts through the noise, offering candid conversations, expert interviews, and real-world advice on marketing, mindset, and the magic of making your expertise magnetic.

Designed for expert entrepreneurs ready to elevate their impact and income, ‘Magnetise Your Expertise’ is your go-to resource for becoming the go-to expert in your niche. Let’s embark on this journey together, transforming your challenges into opportunities and your expertise into your most powerful asset.

What to expect:


  • In-Depth Expert Interviews: Gain unique insights from industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and niche experts who share their journeys, strategies, and secrets to success.
  • Actionable Strategies: Every episode is packed with practical advice that you can apply to your business and personal brand to attract your ideal clients and grow your influence.
  • Marketing Mastery: Explore the latest and most effective marketing techniques tailored for soloentrepreneurs, helping you find and master the right approach for your unique brand.
  • Mindset Shifts: Discover how to overcome common mental blocks, build resilience, and cultivate a growth mindset that propels you towards your goals.
  • Personal Branding Tips: Learn how to refine and project your personal brand in a way that magnetises your target audience, building trust in you as the leading authority in your field.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Participate in listener-driven episodes where Naomi-Rose and guests answer your burning questions, offering direct support and guidance on your most pressing challenges.
  • Special Series and Themes: Dive into our specially recorded series designed to help you build your business with finesse.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Stay inspired with stories of innovation, perseverance, and success, keeping you motivated and focused on your entrepreneurial journey.

About Naomi-Rose Everly

Naomi-Rose Everly is an Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer Naomi who has spent the last 10 years helping people position themselves as the ‘go to’ expert within their industry and structuring their business so prospects come to them pre-sold and ready to buy. She is the founder of TheProfile.Company and author of Magnetise Your Expertise on LinkedIn, What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile and Grassroots to Green Shoots.

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