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Create Your Business So Ideal Clients Come to You Pre-Sold and Ready to Buy

Become the Only Person Your Prospects Want to Work With

Identify the Right Marketing Strategy for YOUR audience and become masterful at it

Get Building Your Business

Step 1.

Pinpoint the problem you are uniquely positioned to solve & identify your ideal clients. Build a solid business structure to support it.

Step 2.

Design a sales process that seamlessly attracts qualified prospects to book appointments with you.

Step 3.

Implement your personalised strategy and become the ‘go to’ expert in your industry, and get winning clients.


Turn your decades of experience in to a profitable, scaleable business and get paid for the value you create.

Building a Business Selling Your Expertise is Hard Work

It comes with no guarantees and getting it wrong could prove costly

🧲 You’re struggling to generate leads and those you do find aren’t ideal clients

You want to move away from freelance work and charging by the hour

🌟 You want to be recognised for your expertise and solve real problems for your clients

🤯 You’re confused by all the different market strategy out there and don’t know which one is right for you

🤝 You’re looking for a trusted partner and coach to guide you as you build your business

🙉 You recognise your audience won’t respond to many of the strategies being suggested to you

🔄  You’ve written countless versions of your LinkedIn profile and it still isn’t working for you

🎯 You’re ready to fix on the right lead generation strategy for your business and do it masterfully

What you need is a custom built strategy developed especially for your audience and services, with personalised support to make sure you get exactly where you need to go.

Get support you with…


Everything starts with Strategy. We need to uncover who your audience is, how they buy, and craft the right approach to winning new clients. Then get building the foundations.

LinkedIn Profile

Make the right first impression with a LinkedIn Profile that positions you as the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry and brings you the right opportunities.


With your strategy, sales process and message clear, we’ll help you to organise and publish your thoughts in a book format right for your audience.


We’ll help you create an attractive Scorecard that engages your audience and aids your sales process.


We’ll help you produce engaging Podcasts that will attract your ideal audience and positions you as a thought-leader at the cutting edge of your industry.


Bring everything together with an easy-to-use Website build to convert your target audience with clear, consistent branding cross all your marketing assets.


We’ll work with you to draw out your expertises and create compelling content that engages you audiences and brings you quality leads.


We’ll work with you to create a brand that reflects the quality of your work and resonates with your audience.

Tools & Technology

We’ll advise you on tools you need to systemise your business so save you time and energy, and can focus on what really matters in your business.

Sales Training

We teach you what to say and how with our comprehensive world-class sales strategy crafted especially for your business.


If you’re meeting with a professional service provider, we’ll either attend the call with you or supply you with everything you need to support your workflows.

Extra Support

We’ll never leave you hanging. If you’re working on a time-sensitive project, want to move things faster or have a question, we’ll always make time for you

Create a Strategy that is Right for You

It’s all very well to have access to these services, but which one is right for you and your business. Before investing in any marketing approach it is first important to assess whether it is right for your audience, lifestyle and personality.


Your marketing approach must be right for your ideal clients. We’ll evaluate your marketplace and how decision-makers engage with content to identify what truly connects matters in their buying decision.


Create a business in tune with your envisioned lifestyle. All recommendations are made with your personal life style goals and earning targets in mind, so you avoid being tied into unprofiable and time consuming marketing activities.


What feels right for you? Our goal is to ensure your marketing strategy suits who you are and how you want to spend your time. If posting videos online or being on tiktok, for example, isn’t for you, we’ll work out what is.

When it comes to growing your business, one size does not fit all.

Your success depends upon finding the right approach for you and gaining mastery it so you stick with it and get results. And it all begins with strategy.

What We’ll Create Together

I work closely with you to develop bespoke strategies uniquely tailored to resonate with your target audience and seamlessly integrate with your personality and lifestyle. Together, we build a strong foundation, empowering you to effectively identify and implement the right lead generation strategies for maximum impact.

Step One


Developing Your Goals

I help you clarify your goals and envision their impact on your life. We assess the time, effort, and income involved, considering your personality and lifestyle preferences so you build a business that truly works for you. I provide realistic insights based on lived experience, so you shortcut the process. 

Identify your Audience

We’ll identify your ideal clients by understanding the unique problems you solve and the value you bring. We’ll explore their challenges, how they articulate them, and create a unique market space where your services stand out.

Craft Your Unique Methodology

We’ll turn your decades of experience into a unique methodology that effortlessly adds value to your clients and instils confidence in your process. This streamlined approach will make it easier to grow your business and build assets that will make your business scalable and saleable (should you wish later down the line). It’ll also make you stand out in the market place.

Design Your Packages

We’ll create packages that match your income and lifestyle goals, set affordable prices, add value with extras, and build an eco-system for easy client engagement and scalable growth.

Write your Credibility Story

Now we know where you are going and what you want to achieve, I’ll write your LinkedIn profile to position you as the ‘go to’ expert in your industry.

Step Two


Build a Waiting List

We’ll create anticipating for what we’re developing by creating a Waiting List so you can get talking to yoru network and posting on Social Media, while we build everything in the background. Then, when we’re ready to launch, we can make an event of it!

Begin Data Collection

We’ll create an engagement scorecard to test client interest and begin generating leads. This is a great tool for introducing your existing network to what you do and leveraging the trusted within it to generate introductions. Plus, the data collected will provide feedback and insights that can be shared on social media to build your authority.

Compelling Call to Action

We’ll design a diagnostic tool that attracts your ideal clients by addressing their specific problems and showcasing the need for investment. With an intriguing title and valuable insights, this diagnostic not only identifies client issues but also motivates them to seek your solutions, seamlessly turning interest into actionable leads.

Get Confident with Sales

I help you create sales scripts tailored to your product that feel natural, elicit key information, and confidently guide you to ask for the sale. Plus, I provide practical support as you handle different sales situations and dynamics. Perfect for those new to sales.

Step Three


Get Booking Sales Appointments

Now you have the foundations in place, its time to test your offer and get pitching. This is where you’ll receive the real feedback on your packages and make any adjustments needed until you hear those vital words YES and hear them again and again.

Develop Strategic Alliances

We will already have worked out who your best strategic partners and referral partners are, but now you have everything in place its time to reach out and invite them to work with you so you book more sales appointments effortlessly.

Get Mastery with Lead Generation

Now we’ve identified the right lead generation strategy for your audience, lifestyle and personality, it’s time to start working it. We’ll assess your results to identify if you can generate the number of leads you require from your current skill level, or source a further mentor to help you gain the mastery you need. 

Develop your Thought Leadership

We’ll turn your insights, inspiration, and decades of knowledge into engaging content that will have your ideal client sit up and take notice. We’ll systemise your approach so you get maximum value for the time you invest. 

Rinse and Repeat

Your business will continue to evolve as you get talking to prospects and working with clients. You’ll be able to see what is working and fill in the gaps to accelerate your results. 

climbing upstairs to target graphic

Intensive Coaching Package

The Intensive Coaching package is designed to get you moving swiftly though the foundations of building your business so you can start maximising your lead generation strategy and get winning clients.

What’s included:

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👥 18-hours of One-to-One Coaching

Sessions are a mixture of coaching and consulting, as I help you to formulate your brand and lead generation strategy. My questions will challenge you to think deeper about your business so you build the strong foundations.

Each session is recording with Fathom Note taking so you can quicky re-listen to section and grab the actionable items. I also provide extensive notes of our discussion to provide further reflection and insights and ensure you grasp everything we’ve discussed. You’ll be able to find the notes, plus the recording within your Intranet site (see below).

👩‍💻 Fully Customised LinkedIn Profile Written for you

Once we’re clear on your strategic direction, message and sales process, we’ll begin crafting your LinkedIn profile to match. I’ll write and upload each section for you and give your profile a professional polish from top to bottom. I have over 10 years experience writing LinkedIn Profiles that position experts as leading in their field.

The 90-minute interview is in addition to your 18-hours.

💼 Business Strategy Course

Success in anything is understanding the journey you’re on and what to expect. You’ll have access to my full Strategy Course that maps out the entire journey so you know what to expect and how each decision feeds into the next. The knowledge you glean here will supercharge our 1-2-1 sessions so you understand how it all fits together.

🗃️ Online Business Portal

The Online Portal will provide a store for everything we create during your program, and also it’s where you’ll find my comprehensive notes for each coaching sesion along with the recording. With all your assets, tools and copy stored in one place, the system will quickly become your online business plan. 

📊 Rev Sales Training Course

You’ll have access to the RevSales training course with Mike Clark. RevSales is the sales training system used by Daniel Priestley’s (Key Person of Influence / Dent Global), when he arrived in the UK and build a £1m business in his first year. The course is broken down into easy to digest modules with workbooks and scripts.

talking at a table results increasing<br />

How it works:

Weekly slot allocated to you

Session frequency responsive to your needs

Support between sessions so you never feel stuck

Ask questions via Whatsapp

All sessions recorded with Fathom Note taking

Comprehensive session notes for easy reference

Everything stored in one place

With you the entire way…

Meet Naomi-Rose Everly

Hi I am Naomi, I coach experts whose topics are hard to describe and impossible to Google to find the right lead generation strategy for your audience, lifestyle, and personality.

I’ve been critiquing LinkedIn Profiles for 10 years now through my brand

My superpowers includes being able to quickly grasp what you do and translate it into words, in such a way that you build rapport with your audience and become the only person they want to work with.

With all my advice, I bring a healthy dose of experience and realism. I know what it takes to establish a business, especially one where you’re selling your expertise as a service, and believe our biggest priority is figuring out a marketing strategy that is right for your business, your audience and, most importantly, you.

Because one thing is for sure – one size does not fit all!

What I bring to the table:

MBA in Strategic Leadership

In 2022, I successfully graduated with an MBA from Portsmouth University. The academic achievement has provided me a critical insight into organisational operations and how to position my client’s expertise against the wider business landscape to gain the most traction.


With skills in strategy, design, copywriting and technical abilities, I am able to take your concepts and turn them into tangible market ready materials avoiding the need to brief and manage multiple professionals to produce the outcome you want.


I’ve been self-employed for 19 years and know exactly where the pitfalls lie. Whether its making goals managable, overcoming self-sabotage or keeping a healthy mindset, I’ve been there and done that. I marry my years of technical industry experience with personal awareness to make sure you stay on track.

Book a LinkedIn Profile & Strategy Review Now

If you haven’t yet had a LinkedIn Profile & Strategy Review with me, and think this package could be for you, I invite you too book a session with me. During the session we’ll be able to identify exactly what you need to build your business and whether this program is a good fit. 



We’ll review your current position in the market and how to niche further to create more appeal.



We’ll critique your LinkedIn profile and related tools to gauge your authority in the market.



We’ll evaluate how well your tools guide prospects through the sales process and aid in closing sales.



We’ll pinpoint where to focus to drive improvements to boost your sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect to see?

Our goal is to have ideal clients coming to you pre-sold and ready to buy i.e. less follow up and more ready to say yes straight away. They will understand what you do and already know they’d like to work with you before speaking to you.


You will be easier to refer to and ‘sticky’ meaning your message will resonate with more people allowing you to be a featured speaker on Podcasts and events thereby raising your profile and lead generation.


You’ll also have a firm foundation for your business that is streamlined to focus your attention on the things you do best – deliver transformational results to your clients. We’ll cut out everything that wastes time and put processes in that ensure the job gets done quickly.

Added to this, the business will be scaleable if not sellable. This might not be your ultimate goal, but with the right assets in place your business has the potential to scale and be worth something when you’re ready to leave.

The conclusion our working together will be identifying the best lead generation strategy for you to sink your teeth into and gain mastery in. This strips away confusion and wasted resources, and allows you to get really good at the strategy that works for your personality/lifestyle and most importantly, audience.

What if I have some of these elements in place already?

Our package is designed to be incredibly flexible and adaptable, catering to your unique requirements and the preferences of your audience. If certain components are already in place, rest assured, we won’t duplicate efforts. Instead, we’ll carefully assess and integrate them seamlessly into our overall strategy to ensure a cohesive and effective approach.

However, it’s important to note that sometimes what you believe is fully set may not align perfectly with the broader picture we’re aiming to create. This is why we emphasize the significance of review and, when necessary, adjustment or even re-creation. Our goal is to ensure that each piece of your business puzzle fits harmoniously into the larger mosaic, optimising your journey toward success. We’re here to guide you in making the best decisions that align with your goals while ensuring that every effort contributes meaningfully to your desired outcomes. Your success is paramount to us, and our customisation is driven by your specific needs and aspirations.

Do I have to invest everything upfront?

No. Your package starts with a non-refundable deposit followed by a monthly installment plan of 6 or 9 months to clear the balance. However, if at any time you feel the package isn’t working for you or you have everything you need to continue your journey alone, you can cancel the payment plan. You simply need to tell us before the 10th of the month before the invoice is generated. If the invoice is generated it is payable.