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Be Part of Our Live Podcast Recording Week!

Dive into “Magnetise Your Expertise” with an Exclusive Live Experience

Imagine being right there in the room as “Magnetise Your Expertise” comes to life. For one special week, we’re opening the doors for you to join us live, online, as we record a series of episodes. This is a unique opportunity to not only witness the creation of your favorite podcast but also engage directly with our guests and the content in a way you’ve never done before.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This:

  • A Week of Live Recordings: Over one exciting week, we’ll host live recordings at various times throughout the day, ensuring you can join us no matter your schedule. Get ready for a deep dive into the insights and stories that make “Magnetise Your Expertise” so captivating.
  • Exclusive Access to the Green Room: Ever wondered what happens before the “record” button is hit? As part of our live audience, you’ll get an exclusive look at the green room process—the final, crucial moments before recording begins.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: After each recording, the floor opens to you. This is your chance to ask our guests your burning questions, delve deeper into the discussion, and contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.
  • Be Notified in Real-Time: Want to make sure you’re part of this unique experience? Sign up to receive live event notifications, so you never miss out on joining a recording. We’ll alert you before each session starts, ensuring you’re in the loop and ready to participate.

Here’s How to Get Involved:

Ready to take your place in our live audience? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign Up for Notifications: Don’t miss a moment of our live recording week. Sign up now to receive notifications about our live session times and ensure your spot in this exclusive event.
  • Choose Your Sessions: With different recordings happening throughout the week, pick the sessions that intrigue you most or join us for all of them! Each session offers something unique.
  • Prepare Your Questions: Think about what you’ve always wanted to ask our guests or about the themes we cover. Post-recording Q&As are your opportunity to get answers and insights directly from the experts.

This Is Your Moment

This special week of live recordings is more than just an event—it’s a chance to be part of the “Magnetise Your Expertise” community in a new and exciting way. Engage with our content, connect with our guests, and leave with insights and inspiration that can only come from being there as it happens.

Don’t just listen—be part of the experience. Sign up today and join us for a week that promises to transform the way you engage with “Magnetise Your Expertise” and our incredible community of expert entrepreneurs.

COMING SOON. Make sure to register.