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Featured Resources from Our Episodes

Dive into our selected resources, all as mentioned on “Magnetise Your Expertise.” This concise collection brings you the tools, books, and methods highlighted by our guests and host Naomi-Rose Everly. Each resource is chosen for its potential to advance your solo-entrepreneurial journey. Find the game-changers discussed in our show, and start leveraging them to enrich your expertise and business strategy today.


3d book

Magnetise Your Expertise on LinkedIn

Discover how to build your business so you become the only person your prospects want to work with

Naomi-Rose’s third book in which you will learn a step-by-step methodology for quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry and getting paid for the value you create. 

360-pages. PDF Download.

3d book

Book a LinkedIn Profile & Strategy Review

Schedule a 1-2-1 with Naomi-Rose to evaluate how well your LinkedIn profile and marketing assets are working to position you in the marketplace. Receive personalised feedback and tailored advice to enhance your influence and drive sales.

45 minutes via Zoom.

3d book

Take the Scorecard

Receive a personalised report pinpointing where you excel and revealing key areas for impactful growth. Unlock the full potential of your expertise and position your business as an indispensable solution in your industry.

18 questions. Takes less than 2 minutes.

Guest Resources


Brand Essence Clarity Workbook

Lay your branding foundations. Unsure where to begin in establishing your brand? Download your free workbook and start the groundwork required to unearth your highest brand expression.

Plus, learn how to stand out without shouting with a FREE WEBSITE REVIEW.
Discover how to unlock your website’s potential and become a haven for your dream clients.


Become an Irrestisable Speaker in 30 days Online Course

In this video course, you will learn all the basics of public speaking. From delivery techniques to storytelling, and even mindset. This is the perfect start to your public speaking journey or a refresher course for experienced speakers.

Use code: SPEAK20 to get 20% full course